About Us

Our CEO, Anouar, discovered stand up paddle boarding whilst looking for an activity to disconnect from screens, and connect with the ocean.
Living in the Sydney's northern beaches suburbs, he realised quickly that a 3.2m board was quite tricky to keep in a unit. They literally do not fit into most lifts.

From there he started to investigate the alternative to hard boards, and discovered inflatables. After researching the pros and cons of the technology, trying some out, and assessing what was available to the Aussie paddler, he came up with the conclusions that

  • The Australian market was very underdeveloped by comparison to America or Europe
  • There was a huge jump between the 1st price boards available from the big retailers, and the top of the line, big brand name boards available in specialised shop 
  • None of the packages on offer fully met his requirements and expectations

This led him to research the products more, through exchanges of experience with other paddler locally and through the web. He also got in touch with a few art designers.

Marrying both the best of SUP experiences, and a contemporary and fresh design style, Padlbay's first board was born!

This prototype was great (still is), but has a prototype needed a few touches. Our first board, was the result of these iterations.

We learned from her, and "Somewhere I belong" was born. 

We hope she takes you onto your next big adventure.


The Padlbay Team